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DITLDOIT - Sabbatical 2015

“DITLDOIT” was conceived in 2014, and put to paper at a French restaurant in downtown Seattle.  During dinner we (again) talked about a "long vacation" full of adventure.  After several drinks, we wrote down what we wanted to do, on a napkin. We noted things to look forward to and what we wanted to experience.

We figured this sabbatical needed a name.  We settled on “Damn IT Let’s DO IT. This is DITLDOIT.  We promised each other that we would do it.

The planning for DITLDOIT occurred late and was chaotic. Some things were a given. We would snowboard for the initial segment, but where? We would spend some time with family. So we churned on this for weeks and converged a couple of weeks before we left:

Part I - “Skibbatical” on the BC “Powder Highway” in the Hotelement

Part II - Family Visits - Ken in Wisconsin. Monique in Seattle / Entiat

Part III - Hike Grand Canyon (Ken). Bike the South (Monique)

Part IV - Hike National Parks in the Southwest

Part V - Tasmania: Hike the Overland Track

Part VI - Peru: Trek the Huayhuash Circuit

Part VII - Bike the Entiat Century (annual tradition) and easy biking in Idaho.