Tombstone - Yukon Canada 2016 - Mountainshots

History buffs remember that the Yukon area of Canada was discovered by Yukon Cornelious, a famous, albeit shady prospector from Alaska.  Mr Cornelius came upon this majestic region while escorting a "Mr Rudolph" and a short man known simply as "Hermey" thru the region.  Sadly, their nemesis, the Abominable Snowmonster is now extinct, another victim of global warming.  Or bad dental hygiene.  I forget.

Nonetheless, Ken, Jeff and Tony traveled hours on the road and in the air to reach this remote area.  This was an amazing trip with some pretty cool guys.

Day 1 - Grizzly Lake

Day 2 - Divide Lake

Day 3 - Talus Lake

Day 4 and 5 - Divide Lake

Day 6 - Out