Sierra High Route 2017 - Mountainshots

"OK This is a lot of photos!".  Yes, I hear you.  If you want the best, see "Best of Sierra High Route 2017".  If you appreciate flowers, also see the "SHR - Flowers".  If you want to see more of the "Snow Storm", see "Snow!"  If you want to see the rest, it's all there.These are photos from the Sierra High Route, September 2017 (well, most of it).  You may already know that the Sierra High Route is a 195 mile cross-country route in the Sierras, generally in the 10,000 - 12,000 foot elevation range. It occasionally connects with trails, but not very often. You also might know that 3/4 of the way thru, we were hit by significant snow and had to bail out to a trail. This drama is covered in more detail later.  The trip ended with a car-camping week in Yosemite as a consolation prize to not finishing the SHR.  Of course this was a great week with Tracy.